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Ready to change the wedding dessert narrative?

At Cake House Design, we believe that the cake and desserts are just as important as any other detail in your wedding. We are ready to change the narrative of the traditional wedding and bring back those show stopping moments we live for. We understand that the florals and rentals are important, but we believe that the cake should be the centerpiece of your reception. We are turning desserts into art and shining a spotlight on the star of the show: cake. After all, art comes in many forms, and we think it's even more impressive when it's edible!


Our Caking it Art Styled Shoot is designed to give photographers endless content with a major focus on desserts. Each station is carefully planned to embody a sweet and unique focus, from flat lays and seating charts to individual place settings and the "Big Center Piece Cake.

Who can benefit from this shoot?

Photographers and Cake Artists


February 27th

Venue: Westwind Hills

Execution, Styling, Shooting, Dinner & Discussion

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