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Are you new to Cake House? Want to order something special or just want to know what we're all about?!? You've come to the right place! We're hoping some of the questions you may have about us can be answered here! If not, we're just a phone call away!

FAQ #1

What's the best way to place an order?


We have THREE different ways you can place an order! Phone, Email or in person! We always say E-mailing is the most efficient! Through email you can attach a photo, explain all your needed details and make the payment all online! In-store would be next best! We can't always guarantee that we will have someone in-store to give you a full quote for your cake, so we may ask you to email in your photo for a more accurate quote! Phone is always good too! We are happy to help in anyway.

Our ONE REQUEST! Please do NOT email and then call or follow up in person, we have one person who handles emails and a larger team on site in the bakery, we would hate to add confusion to the process by accidentally placing two orders for you! Please stick with one avenue of communication!

Visit our Contact Page to shoot us an email!

FAQ #2

When should I order my Custom Cake?

In Peak Season, we suggest 2-3 weeks in advance. Even if you don't know the full details of your event, you can save your date on our calendar with a $50.00 deposit!

Peak Season is April-December 


FAQ #3


Do you have a Store Front or are you Custom Orders only?

We have a store front! You can come into our bakery Tuesday-Saturday and purchase straight from our bar! We have a wide variety of desserts daily which we change every 2-3 days! Options range from cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake, blondies, brownies, cake slices and more! We even sell Clementine's Ice Cream Pints!

You can often find a few daily specials on our Instagram story.

FAQ #4

Do you offer Allergy Friendly Options?

We offer GF Desserts! ie; cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, french macarons and cake pops. (These items are all special order only) 

 All GF orders are prepared at the beginning of our days to avoid cross contamination. We are not a GF bakery; all products are made in the same oven.

We are NOT a nut free facility.

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