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Share a smile.

Share a Smile!

At Cake House, our Mission is Straightforward: 

To bring smiles through sweets. We believe that there's something special about indulging in a sweet treat that makes your soul smile. And our goal is to share this joy with the world, one box at a time. 

The Cake House Care Box
Now Available!

The Cake House Care Box was born from a desire to combat negativity in the world. Everywhere we look, it seems as if negativity is pervasive - from social media to TV and even in our daily interactions. We were tired of feeling weighed down by it all. We wanted to focus on the good things in life, bring more smiles to people's faces, and spread care and kindness. At Cake House, we believe that, despite the challenges we face, life is still full of joy and positivity.


Our Why

That's why we created the Cake House Care Box. Our mission is to bring smiles through sweets and spread joy wherever we can. When you think of Cake House, we want you to smile. And when you enjoy our treats, we want you to smile even more! We believe that sweets have a unique way of spreading happiness and we're passionate about sharing this happiness with others.

What's in the Box?!

Every month will be a different surprise! There will always be a variety of sweet treats included as well some gifts that continue to embody our mission to bring a smile to your face. Boxes may have a slight theme to a holiday depending on the time of year!

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